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Experience the Enneagram


Image by Victor Serban


Better Led Healing is an experiential learning space to grow in your Enneagram understanding & healing journey.

Here, Enneagram Enthusiasts are lead through a healing journey that helps you more deeply understanding your Enneagram type, and invites you to experiencing your type in order to rediscover and celebrate who you are!

What makes your experience here different is how you utilize the wisdom of your nervous system alongside your Enneagram education to integrate with your learning & healing. You also have the unique space to learn & grow in community too.

The impact of mind-body-soul work is life changing and available for you here at Better Led Healing when you are ready.

Looking forward to meeting you!

The Enneagram Impact

The Enneagram is a wisdom tool that dates back to ancient times. It was taught and passed down in small groups, orally, and learned first through experience. The significance of the Enneagram is its precision in identifying the motivations for why we do what we do, and helping us see how those motivations are driven from a deep place of protecting pain behind repeated behavioral patterns. Additionally, the Enneagram offers a path to move beyond these habitual patterns of protection and into deep healing. When the Enneagram finds you, you're on a lifelong journey of unraveling how truthful this modality speaks to your humanity. You're also at the beginning of a journey that turns on the inner-work lights to seeing your deeply seeded pain, how it gets protected, and the path to move beyond pain-protected motivations and into empowered choice. 

The Healing Journey


Your Enneagram type can tell you the lie you believed as a child that wounded you. Many people stop learning about the Enneagram once they've laughed at behavioral patterns they recognize in their life. Under those habitual patterns of personality are deeply seeded motivations that want you to steer clear of touching the wound of your type. Discover your type, and you'll discover the lie you've been protecting. 


It does no good to just name the lie, and the wound of your type. You have to learn how your nervous system reactively protects this deeply believed lie. You have to feel the heart pounding, palms sweating, heat of your type being activated to feel through the healing journey of your type. That takes experiencing the protective structure of your Enneagram type. That's the work we do here.


When you've experienced the pain your type protects, down to a nervous system level, and you begin to see, feel, and believe the truth beyond your wound, you're given the tools to make choices beyond protecting your pain. Instead you can live from the felt sense of worthiness. You rediscover the depth of your humanity and can be who you fully are free to be. 


Image by Saad Chaudhry

Group Course

A 10-week immersive learning experience exploring the soul wound of each type, participating in a somatic experience of every type's soul wound, & exploring the

healing path through.


Image by Herbert Goetsch


Personalized 1:1 support tailored to your individual healing journey integrating Somatic Experiencing and the Enneagram.

4 Sessions: $450

1 Session: $150

Image by Nadya Shuran


Join our Enneagram Enthusiast Bloom community once a month to explore a

Somatic Enneagram experience, reconnect, and grow.

$10 per session / $99 Annually


I'm Kenna Ledbetter

I founded Better Led Healing after recognizing the need and hunger for more (and better) Enneagram integrated healing support. For a lot of us Enneagram Enthusiasts it can be difficult to find healing practitioners who also utilize the Enneagram as an impactful aid, and it can also be difficult to find Enneagram Coaches who integrate healing modalities like Somatic Experiencing. That means that our experience of the Enneagram stops at books, podcasts, instagram posts, and rogue self-taught personal exploration. I want to offer you a place that allows you learn more about the Enneagram, feel the Enneagram in your life, and experience the surprise of getting in touch with the depth of your worth alongside community.

It is my hope you leave feeling deeply surprised, amazed, and proud of who you are.

The Enneagram found me in 2019, and helped me on the recovery journey of a painful breakup that was an aid in guiding me through grief. It took me a couple months to discover that I lead with the Sp/Sx/So Enneagram 3 wing 2 type. As a counter-type I hold special room for other counter-types who have to navigate countering their type structure on this learning experience. Professionally, I am a Certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher through The Narrative Enneagram, and an Advanced Level Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (student) with Somatic Experiencing International. I hold a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Azusa Pacific Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University. I consider myself a recovering Fundamentalist and no longer practice Christianity, but hold great reverence for the Biblical stories that are often not retold with the great colors they are painted with.

I live in San Diego, CA and on the weekends if I'm not exploring the town with friends and my Shih Tzu Sadie,

I'm probably making cold-processed soap for my very tiny side-hustle, Get Sudsy Bath Co.!

I look forward to meeting you soon, and chatting more about the Enneagram!


"It was so refreshing to work with Kenna. I learned a lot about myself. I learned about the push/pull of being a countertype 8, especially a female 8. And I learned a lot about processing anger and utilizing the sensations in my body to let me know what's going on emotionally. I'm really looking forward to continuing my journey of self growth and Somatic Experiencing!"

Julia T.
Enneagram 8

"Kenna helps people not feel alone & shitty for struggling."

John R.
Enneagram 4

"Since our sessions I've been able to talk to people like I haven't been able to before. For someone who leads with their head, these sessions have helped my body learn it's in fight and flight. I can get in touch with that and find comfort to help me. Where I would overthink interactions I can now talk to people. My body has been able to feel there is nothing to be afraid of. I always knew that in my head but this is different. I've done talk therapy, but it hasn't helped like this has.

This has been life changing for me."

Ana S.
Enneagram 6

Image by Aleksandr Ledogorov

See you soon!

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